In these situations, hell square up to the basket to cancel his momentum and hell execute the turn in the air. The next time you watch Curry play, take a moment to appreciate all the hours of practice that he has put in to perfect his craft. Find out more about how we use your information in our privacy policy and cookie policy. Just finished a shoot with @stephencurry30, this dude just cant miss @ari_fararooy@warriors, Twitter users pointed out the unreal nature of the clip. His wrist is cocked and his arm forms a 90-degree angle with his body at the set point. Still, he admits that it is never easy and sometimes things can be tough. Just finished a shoot with @stephencurry30, this dude just can't miss Get the latest news and rumors, customized to your favorite sports and teams. This gives the ball a nice arc despite the low set point. . Curry simplifies this process by aiming at the point of the rim closest to him where the rim and the net meet. The Los Angeles Angels may be continuing their shopping spree. The snap finishes with four fingers pointing down and the ball comes off the middle finger last. So for us, weve utilized technology to be even more precise.. And it likely is impossible. His fingers are spaced out and his index finger and thumb form a natural V shape. The Golden State Warriors superstar has gotten better in recent years, showing the world that he's the greatest shooter of all time. Stephen Curry CRAZY Half Court Shots Practice From The Logo! A 3-time NBA champion and 2-time MVP, Curry has cemented his place among the all-time greats. Exclusive Look On How The Best Shooter EVER Trains! He has the ball in his shooting pocket with both hands in full contact with the ball. Their lack of doubt is based in sweat. To get ready for the Celtics in Game 3, a pair of Golden State's sharpshooters recreated the highlight reel shot at practice in Boston on Tuesday. It was I think just the fact that it was Steph made people pause and wonder if it was real so thats all you need to know about Steph, so pretty remarkable.. The two-handed jump shot is similar to the one-handed jump shot, but as the name suggests, it uses two hands. What makes Steph Curry such a shooter and should your players replicate his form? Curry claims to be a square shooter but the footage clearly disagrees. He's a worker,". This time though, the play didn't happen during a game. If hes stationary, Curry will be waiting for the ball with his hands ready to catch it around waist height (his shooting pocket). Even though Steph Curry is one of the best shooters in NBA history, he still practices shooting 500 jump shots a day during practice. Its about understanding why his shot works so well and using that knowledge to create your own perfect form. Yeah, but I wasnt, said 45.4% career 3-point shooter Kerr, his voice trailing off at the comparison to Curry. Think 11 and 1 oclock positions, respectively. CLEVELAND, OHIO - FEBRUARY 20: Stephen Curry #30 of Team LeBron reacts in the first half during the 2022 NBA All-Star Game at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on February 20, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. Curry, in street clothes, triumphantly exits the gym in glee following the last shot. Like, everybody in the NBA knows how hard Steph works. About 48 minutes before tip-off, Curry attempted a shot . An incredible video of Steph Curry shooting some full-court shots at the Golden State Warriors practice facility has gone viral, but the video is a fake. Its not crazy if you just watch the workout, because its pretty efficient. Since Curry is a right-handed shooter, he turns his feet slightly to the left of the rim with his right foot in front. On Sunday, a video by Sports Illustrated became the talk of the basketball community as. couldnt even make such shots in the video game NBA 2K.. I suggest you teach your players the sweep and sway since their energy transfer will likely be nowhere near as efficient as Currys. Golden State Warriors guard and NBA superstar Stephen Curry's best trick shot moments. Stephen Curry was efficient from the field for the Warriors Friday night, shooting 50.0% (6-12 FG) on his way to scoring 15 points while also blocking one shot, dishing out three assists, and . So you have to stay locked in and focused. The arms just guide the ball on target. MLB insider Hector Gomez reported on Wednesday that the Angels are showing a lot of interest in veteran catcher Gary Sanchez. Curry had 22 points in the first three quarters on nine of 17 shooting from the floor, however,. Conclusion The original tweet from SI tagged Ari Fararooy, who is a video director based in LA. The director advertises on Twitter that he creates stylized work for brands, celebrities, and events.. Earned confidence. A higher jump would just waste energy and turn his shot into a two-motion one, killing his rhythm. I should mention that many players utilize the hop when shooting off the catch. Hes on pace to make the most threes in NBA history, and many (including myself) consider him to be the greatest shooter of all time. For more details, review our, Tom Brady hole-in-one video in May that was called out for being fake. Curry never slows his dip down because that would destroy his power generation. In this post, Ill break down Steph Currys shooting form to give you the blueprint for teaching your players how to shoot. Steph Curry, who I consider to currently be the greatest in-game shooter on the planet, makes 500 shots per day in the summer and makes 200 to 350 shooter per day during the season. By the way, I said, turning back, how many shots did you just get up, you know, AFTER the practice?, Cash in on NFL Wild Card Weekend: Bet $5, Get $150 in Free Bets. Curry aims while hes catching the ball so that he can let it fly as quickly as possible. 2 on the NBAs all-time list for most 3-pointers (2,842), Curry relied on shot-tracking technology that determined that not all of his made baskets are created equal. Then it gets close again as he reaches his set point, and the release completes the S. Curry reaches his set point before his feet leave the ground. Many people are in awe of Steph Currys shooting skills. Currys work ethic is clearly paying off, as he is currently one of the best shooters in the NBA. The work Curry has put in this past offseason might seem as familiar as any other offseason. All players should know that legs generate power for the shot and the arms guide the ball. Curry has shot 2-for-10 from 3-point range in each of the Warriors' two losses to begin the 2020-21 season, as the team has struggled from the perimeter as a whole. Copyright 2023 YB Media, LLC. But the Warriors superstar was quick to point out he did make two of the baskets just in case anybody was wondering.. The snap of the wrist is fairly relaxed since he doesnt need a lot of power from there. His wrist snaps at the same time his elbow straightens out completely. 30 is constantly trying to improve his game to lead his team to the win. Is the viral video of Stephen Curry's full-court shots real? Wall gave his reasoning. Via @warriors on Twitter: Steph vs. JP from the LOGO. We've all seen how well Steph Curry shoots the ball in games, and he can do the same thing in practice or while just hanging around too. Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is heading to Utah . Following that first game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Curry took his game to the next level, dominating the Clippers with a 45-PT explosion in front of Paul George and co. His eyes stay locked on the target all the way until release. Step 1 - Stance If he's stationary, Curry will be waiting for the ball with his hands ready to catch it around waist height (his shooting pocket). "Me and Kyrie [Irving], we matching up," he began. Even though Curry always stays humble when talking about this honor, it's clear for his peers and the fans that this man is a generational talent. Now that we have made it clear that the video is produced, lets appreciate just how awesome it is. One thing that is absolutely real is that as of right now, Curry is having one of the best shooting seasons of his career. This is a very effective way to generate great rhythm and power on your shot but Curry rarely uses it. They usually want it to be at eyebrow level because it gives the shooter a clear vision of the rim. This motion alleviates tension and helps them get a better arc on the shot. This lets his shooting hand go right into the shooting motion without any extra movement that could throw off his accuracy. NBA Players Comparison: Steve Nash Vs Stephen Curry, NBA Players Comparison: Kyrie Irving Vs Stephen Curry, NBA Players Comparison: David Robinson Vs Tim Duncan, NBA Players Comparison: Dirk Nowitzki Vs Tim Duncan, NBA Players Comparison: Karl Malone Vs Tim Duncan. The clip, shot by director Ari Fararooy and shared by Sports Illustrated on Sunday, depicts the four-time NBA champion making humongous 3-point shots at a Warriors' practice facility. They bring me in to the practice gym, and Steph Curry, one of the greatest shooters in basketball history, is waiting. How many practice shots does Steph Curry take a day? However, Currys shot is lightning fast. There Stephen Curry was, on the Warriors' practice court, draining full-court heave after heave. He has made history during his 12-year NBA tenure, but Steph is always looking for more. He will still bend his knees to load the spring, however, so this just seems to be his personal preference. As the superstar continues to rehab a sprained foot ligament and bone bruise in an attempt to work his way back to the court in time for Golden State's matchup with the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Curry was seen on the court getting shots up, looking more and more like his usual . A layup is a two-point shot attempt in basketball, typically made by driving to the basket and finishing with a soft jump shot. In a larger sense, its an example that has been around maybe as long as the game itself. Burrow showed up for a press conference with the Cincinnati media and was wearing a jersey with the No. Steph Curry says reaction to full-court shot, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Update: ACE train service cancelled until Monday after more mudslides at Niles Canyon, Warriors star Steph Curry says reaction to edited full-court shot video is ultimate compliment, Warriors visit the White House for 2022 NBA title celebration, Draymond Green motivated by Wizards fans trash talk in Warriors win, Steph Curry drops 41 points in Warriors win over Wizards, Draymond Green says Warriors lack urgency after loss to Bulls: Thats what we got to figure out, Warriors: Kerr shares status of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala for back-to-back. This season is expected to bring a lot of good things to the Warriors. Curry only makes 1 out of 20 shots. In order to ensure a smooth energy transfer, he starts moving the ball up and extending his legs at the exact same time. Keep in mind, Fararooy is the same person who made the incredible Tom Brady hole-in-one video in May that was called out for being fake. Curry is already dangerous from beyond the arc. Things change off the dribble or when he is sprinting around a screen. So how can you improve your shooting like Steph Curry? Form shooting is hard work and the best basketball players practice their shot mechanics every day. The right foot plants just as the ball reaches the bottom of his dip to ensure the best possible energy transfer. A viral video of two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry shows the Golden State Warriors superstar sinking multiple full-court shots in a display his team later revealed was fake. This lets Curry align his body to the rim and complete his shooting motion without tension. It has played a factor in Curry climbing to third place for most 45-point games for a player at least 33 years old (six), trailing only Michael Jordan (11) and Bernard King (eight). 7.2M views 4 years ago Golden State Warriors guard and NBA superstar Stephen Curry's best trick shot moments. Preparation for the shot plays a huge role in whether you make or miss. After completing the circuit, hed reverse direction and do it again and again. But, like Steph Curry, as he made his way from youth leagues to the NBA, he knew where to find it. The Celtics released a statement on Wednesday announcing the death of Ford at the age of 74. Thats him. By now you should have a pretty good idea of the position Currys in after the catch. Kevin Durant, SVG had hilarious misunderstanding via Twitter, Scottie Scheffler, Patrick Cantlay could tie for world No. Curry isnt breaking new ground. You should instead try to understand why that players form works and apply that knowledge to your own physique (or the physique of your players). One-handed layups are generally considered more difficult, but they offer some advantages over two-handed layups. Report reveals huge Sean Payton contract demands, Ex-Celtics champion, coach dies at age 74, Patriots will interview interesting ex-player for OC role, Joe Burrow makes funny mistake at press conference, Vikings coach hints at making 1 major staff change. The Chef wants to be more accurate with his shots and has taken big decisions to reach perfection. There are also several variations of these shots, such as Bank shots, hook shots and fadeaways. A left-handed shooter would do the opposite. Out of all the players in the NBA, Steph Curry is ranked 16th in total shots attempted and 11th in total shots made. Steph earns everything.. All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents! by Larry Brown. Since shooting is a complex motion that involves the entire body, Ill separate this segment into three phases to make things easier to follow and understand. This hand will change position a bit later on but this starting position is required for proper alignment. In this blog post, we will answer a question that has been on everyones mind lately: how many shots does Steph Curry take a day? Currys lower than usual set point actually helps him have a quick, one-motion shot and it fits his rhythm, despite being unorthodox. Stephen Curry, Warriors. John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports. The 30-year-old Sanchez remains an unsigned free agent after, Hiring Sean Payton will be a very expensive proposition for any team that does so, according to a report. I would say hes probably getting up a minimum of 200 3s each day, Fraser said. Fans?, Janie McCauley (@JanieMcCAP) December 5, 2022, Just finished a shoot with @stephencurry30, this dude just cant miss ??? Among the large shots he hit in his 15-year career was a certain game-winning 17-footer with five seconds left that clinched that clinched Game 6 and the 1997 championship for the Bulls. There Stephen Curry was, on the Warriors practice court, draining full-court heave after heave. The Golden State Warriors superstar had a feature video shoot with Sports Illustrated on Sunday. The video looked real, but it seems impossible that a player even someone as good as Curry could make five straight full-court shots. Emailed daily. If there's one skill that dominates the modern game of basketball, it's shooting. Surprisingly, his daily routine isnt all that different from other NBA players. He made five in a row, the Sports Illustrated video shows, before gleefully sprinting out of the gym. In the video, the Golden State Warriors guard makes five consecutive full-court shots. This is true only when he shoots off the dribble because the final dribble acts as the dip. That adds up to 3,500 shots a week and 18,250 shots a month! Luka Doncic putting pressure on Mavericks front office? Otherwise people might take offense to some of the shimmies and the night-night stuff. On Sunday, a video by Sports Illustrated became the talk of the basketball community as Curry was seen wrapping up an SI interview at the Golden State Warriors practice facility by sinking five long-range shots in a row. Steph Curry drilled a shot from the center of the Celtics' logo. Many coaches advise aiming for the middle of the basket, which is not always easy. And therein lies a lesson that should resonate with not only his peers but with everyone on down to those young players who this summer will be entering the transfer portal from sixth grade to seventh. However, this number does not include the number of times he dribbles the ball or the number of times he passes the ball. The video in question, posted by Sports. The clip, shot by director Ari Fararooy and shared by Sports Illustrated on Sunday, depicts the four-time NBA champion making humongous 3-point shots at a Warriors practice facility. Part of HuffPost News. 1, Cale Makar out vs. Flames, considered day-to-day, Bills' Josh Allen suggests Tom Brady gave hint about future, Iowa-Northwestern COVID postponement leaves fans fuming. The Golden State Warriors superstar has gotten better in recent years, showing the world that he's the greatest shooter of all time. Excellent rhythm and energy transfer generate all the power he needs. Recently, the 3x NBA champion and his trainer, Brandon Payne, revealed their approach for this season. That's not heaps. Curry . So, how often does Curry practice? This works for him because he already took aim when he was making the catch and because of thousands of hours of practice. Surprisingly, his daily routine isnt all that different from other NBA players. Steph is doing his part, too, demonstrating it's never enough for a player with his winning mentality. Thats why trying to copy another players form motion for motion almost never works. He typically tries to get up around 500 shots per day. Curry doesnt just shoot randomly, he has a plan and is constantly trying to improve his skills. The video -- now viewed over 13 million times -- has since been confirmed as an edit by the Warriors. In basketball, a jump shot is a type of shot taken while in mid-air, usually when the player is too far from the basket to shoot a layup. But we had some fun with it. This is called the dip, and it generates power for the shot. Who doesnt realize that? said his coach, Steve Kerr. And Curry is such a great shooter, its probably fathomable for some that the Warriors guard could make all those shots. Hes a worker, Fraser told Heavy Sports recently. The footage spread like wildfire, accumulating more than 20 million views on Twitter in a day. Fantasy Men's Basketball. Click Manage settings for more information and to manage your choices. Currys release is all about consistency. @ari_fararooy@warriors, Sports Illustrated (@SInow) December 5, 2022, In other sports news, Adidas' in-ball sensor confirms Cristiano Ronaldo didn't score World Cup "Hair Goal. He was asked if he was switching numbers, which prompted, Minnesota Vikings coach Kevin OConnell suggested a major staff change may be on the way following the teams disappointing season-end loss to the New York Giants. Okay, so the video is a fake, but you can totally believe that if player could drain full-court shots, it would be Steph Curry. Thats why Curry and other elite shooters utilize the turn. Learn From the Best According to coach Erik Spoelstra, Curry shoots 500 jump shots a day during practice. I practice unorthodox, one-footers, unbalanced shots, hand-in-your-face, all of that stuff, Ive done it before. -Stephen, WarriorsMuse (@WarriorsMuse) August 14, 2022. Currys set point actually covers his right eye. That is, players do not shoot well in pressure situations merely because they possess the physical talent to create sufficient distance from defenders and execute the act. This feels natural to a lot of players and your players will probably prefer it. His set point is a bit lower than what many coaches teach, however. SAN FRANCISCO The video went viral within minutes. Ill go over what Curry does in both cases for this breakdown, but I suggest you focus on standstill shooting first. That's . Once the spring is loaded, hes ready to start the upward part of his motion. I was there to speak with Steph Curry about Golden States brilliant 23-0 start to the season, a work opportunity that required patience. As the ball goes down, his legs bend just a little bit more to generate power. How Steph Curry Works On His Shot & Game! Hes simply continuing to strengthen the mind-body truth about the game. But just how many shots does Steph Curry take a day? On Wednesday, the Warriors shared a video montage of. 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. Poole followed Curry's shot with a long ball of his own from the logo. On Saturday afternoon, Steph Curry posted an adorable. Steph Curry is widely considered to be one of the best three-point shooters in NBA history. There are two main types of shots in basketball: layups and jump shots. They made only five shots during that stretch on 21 attempts, eventually losing the tie 101-107. Powered by. This may seem like a lot, but its worth noting that Curry is a professional basketball player who spends most of his day practicing. It works because Curry has mastered the fundamentals so well that he can hit the target on even the most off-balance shots. Even though he thinks he played like trash in the season opener, the sharpshooter recorded a triple-double. This is huge once fatigue becomes a factor. Fresh off winning his fourth NBA championship -- and first NBA Finals MVP -- Steph hosted the ESPYs, hit incredible golf shots, ushered in a new, universal celebration, and introduced his next signature sneaker with Under Armour, among other offseason activities. Two hundred and fifty, he said in a manner so matter-of-fact that it took a while to marinate. This was a produced video by a film director. Curry and Payne also kept the same standard when he took shots on the move, an approach he took to emulate shooting against a swarming defender. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors reacts during the third quarter of Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder during the NBA playoffs at Oracle Arena. Out of all the players in the NBA, Steph Curry is ranked 16th in total shots attempted and 11th in total shots made. A clip from the afternoon is going viral on Instagram. If you were to observe from his right side, the path of the ball would resemble the letter S. Its very close to his body at the bottom of the dip but it will move away from it a bit as his shooting hand rotates behind the ball. His work ethic is legendary. A jump shot looks like a regular shooting motion, but with the added element of jumping. An added benefit of a low jump is consistency. When he makes less than 50 percent of his shots, he averages 18 points. Steph Curry, during a game, takes an average of 12 shots a day. The hand is relatively relaxed so theres no tension. Here is a look at the video, which is so amazing it will make your jaw drop. Just finished a shoot with @stephencurry30, this dude just cant miss , @ari_fararooy@warriors, Sports Illustrated (@SInow) December 5, 2022. Power layups are usually made by bigger, stronger players who can bully their way to the basket and finish with a strong dunk or layup. . In other words, it makes his release as quick as possible. There it is, the complete breakdown of the greatest shooter on the planet. The team also shared a statement from Fords family. It's fair to say things have started well for Steph this season. ", Adidas' in-ball sensor confirms Cristiano Ronaldo didn't score World Cup "Hair Goal. While Curry makes it look effortless, anyone who has ever played basketball knows that it takes a lot of practice to hone ones shooting skills. It used to even be more, but weve lessened it as the years have gone on, especially with the long playoff runs. In other words, this wasnt just some video filmed by a fan or the Warriors. (Pros and Cons), Steph Curry Shooting Form (10 Steps to a Perfect Shot), How to Create a Youth Basketball Practice Plan, Parents: Please Stop Ruining Youth Sports, Zone Defense is Terrible for Youth Basketball, 21 Life Lessons Kids Learn Through Youth Sports, How to Win Every Youth Basketball Game (8 Terrible Tactics), 1-3-1 Zone Defense Complete Coaching Guide. He places his shooting hand on the side of the ball, above the horizontal middle of it, and his entire hand makes contact with the ball. His legs are bent and primed to generate the force needed to get the shot off. Curry participated in scrimmage action during Monday's practice, and got an individual workout in as well. Youve got to earn it, said Fraser. Curry does this to ensure accuracy without fatiguing his shooting arm and you should definitely teach this to your players. Absolutely. Finesse layups, on the other hand, are typically made by smaller, quicker players who rely on creativity and timing to score. And then the rest could be whatever he wants if its off a dribble or pick and roll or whatever.. Making shots in workouts is no longer good enough, Payne told Weve established hes going to make a lot of shots in workouts. The Ford family is, The New England Patriots are looking at multiple candidates as they prepare to hire a new offensive coordinator. Steph Curry did not make five straight full-court shots after practice at the Warriors facility Sunday, despite what a viral video portrays. There are two main types of layups: the power layup and the finesse layup. Steph Curry was doing Steph Curry things on Wednesday at the Warriors' practice facility. An incredible video of Steph Curry shooting some full-court shots at the Golden State Warriors' practice facility has gone viral, but the video is a fake. Stephen Curry remains one of the best players in the world. He typically takes around 500 shots per day during practice, and an additional 100 or so shots during games. The preparation will differ depending on whether youre shooting off the catch or off the dribble. Around the 3-point arc he went, stopping at each of five stations corners, wings and straight on for 10 attempts. After shattering numerous scoring records and climbing to No. The game is dominated by guards who can shoot from virtually anywhere and basically every player on the court has to provide spacing, too. Layups can be made with either one or two hands. This is a textbook stance that every player should follow. It was a mental challenge of trying to be as perfect as possible, Curry said. His legs are bent and primed to generate the force needed to get the shot off. Interestingly, Curry doesnt have a set routine when it comes to his shooting. With enough time and dedication, you might just be able to reach Currys level. This means that he brings the ball up along the middle of his body to the set point. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. This is the final piece to Currys shooting puzzle. Looked amazing and fun, for sure. Pro athlete Steph Curry has developed a series of tips and drills that will help you learn form shooting skills to ensure good balance, keep your right hand on the correct side of the ball, and improve overall shooting accuracy.